Building Quality Affordable Housing

Real Estate Developers in Mesa, AZ 

Walling Properties, Inc. and our affiliated companies are real estate developers who have been dedicated to building quality affordable housing in Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding communities for more than 35 years. In addition to our passion for bettering low-income neighborhoods, we also excel in multi-family, apartment homes, and condominium development.  

Vista del Norte 

Walling Properties, Inc. applies our decades of experience as real estate developers to bring residents quality living units at affordable prices. Our spacious, stylishly designed condominium developments are perfect for individuals or families of any size. Our team of real estate developers offers budget-friendly units without sacrificing quality. 

Santa Fe Apartments

Our team of real estate developers is dedicated to improving the quality of living for low-income families by providing them with homes they can be proud to call their own. When planning a new multi-family development, we design our units to include a spacious floor plan and modern amenities for higher quality living. As apartment developers, we believe that when we put value into low-income housing, the whole community benefits.    

Senior Community

Walling Properties, Inc. and our affiliated real estate developing companies care about providing affordable housing for residents of all ages. With more than 35 years in business, we understand that just as the market changes and matures, so do our living needs. Our senior community in Sierra Vista is perfect for low-income folks above the age of 55 who are in need of a comfortable living situation.     

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Land Subdivisions 

Full-Service Real Estate Developers  

When you choose to work with Walling Properties, Inc., you can rest easy knowing our experienced team is capable of handling every aspect of the development process. Our general real estate development services include thorough financial planning, zoning, and land subdivision care for commercial, new multi-family, and condominium conversions. We’re proudly based in Mesa, AZ, and extend our dedication to building high-quality, affordable housing to surrounding communities in need.